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Online Gambling Laws and Regulations in Indonesia

As you already know, Indonesian online gambling laws are much stricter than any European gambler can imagine and this does cause some problems for those who want to try gambling online in Indonesia. Even though there are some easy ways to get around the online gambling law in Indonesia and play your favorite games anyway, it’s good to know the online gambling Indonesia legislation at least to know which rules you are about to break while playing in the Indonesian online casinos. To clear up the situation and tell you more about the online gambling industry in Indonesia, we’ve made a list of the frequently asked questions that were brought in the minds of the Indonesian players. And the first and the most popular one is:

Is online gambling allowed in Indonesia- And the answer is, as you could already guess, not quite optimistic. According to the online gambling laws of Indonesia, gambling is prohibited in the country and there are no legal online casinos Indonesia that have the online gambling license issued by Indonesia. The main reason for it is that 87% of the Indonesian population are Muslims and all kinds of gambling are strictly prohibited by the Islamic religion.

Are there any penalties for gambling in Indonesia -Even though gambling is banned by the Indonesian laws, there are still many illegal brick-and-mortar casinos where you can make the real money bets. And there are two reasons why this is a bad idea. First of all, if you happen 야동 to find the illegal IDR casino, it will more likely be run by one of the many criminal gangs and you don’t want to play gambling games with them, believe us. 한국야동닷컴 

And the second reason is that the offline gambling in Indonesia can be punished with up to 10 years in prison, according to the Indonesian Criminal Code. Indonesia online gambling is safer than the land-based one, especially if you use the payment option like Entropay that can’t be traced.

So if you want to try the safe online gambling in Indonesia, better choose one of the reputable online casinos Indonesia we have on the list. As long as you are playing in a safe online casino Indonesia, you will not have any problems with the frauds, gangs or whatever.


What is the legal online gambling age in Indonesia-As online gambling Indonesia isn’t legal, there is no clearly defined gambling age in the country. But to play in the best online gambling sites outside Indonesia, you need to be at least 18 years old and some of the legitimate online casinos for Indonesia players will require you to be at least 21.

As you can see, the country’s religious views pretty much block the access to the land-based casinos but you can still play in the online casino for real money in Indonesia and it’s better to do it now before the online gambling authority of Indonesia finds the way to block the  international casinos. You will not find the online casino Indonesia that is legal in the country but we can help you make your bets in the safe place outside the Indonesian territory.

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